Italian Made

LIA offers an alternative for every woman who embraces an authentic style. One of a kind bracelets, necklaces and charms are handcrafted by family owned multi-generational artisan companies after models designed by the founder of the brand


We believe luxury is care for details and respect for quality. Each product tells it s own story carrying on the minimalistic brand philosophy.

Product development
Using advanced computer technology for leather and metal cut ,we achieve excellent results in design and pattern consistency.

Genuine leather is an amazing material. We carefully sourced our leather to provide durable statement items of exquisite quality. The impeccable edge finish as well the tailoring aims to deliver a very elegant , yet natural look for our pieces.
Belt flexibility as well as durability were main quality indicators to follow when manufacturing the bracelet belt.

All our metal fittings are carefully developed using Eco Brass. This is a lead-free brass alloy developed to prevent skin reaction and allergies.
The alloy has superior performance and properties :corrosion resistance, excellent cracking resistance, high strength equivalent to stainless steel.
For magnetic fittings we use the world’s strongest magnets made of neodymium, separately sourced from Germany.

Following the highest industry standards, each mental accessory went through Nickel-Free Electroplating process resulting in hypoallergenic item. All our fittings are finished with shiny 24k Gold or Palladium.

Throughout the product development stage , our metal accessories were complied with the following tests : Pull test, Pinch test, Impact test, Function test, Rub test, Plating test , Water test (18h under water without changing plating condition).