Meet Lia

“I dedicate my collections to people with a sensitive perception of space, people who look further than appearance. Pursuing that beauty which moves perspectives and challenges intelligence , LIA is my opportunity of expression”

LIA offers an alternative for every woman who embraces an authentic style. One of a kind bracelets, necklaces and charms are handcrafted after models designed by the founder herself, with fittings signed by the finest Italian manufactures.

The inspiration for the pieces comes from common shapes that reach another dimension in LIA’s creative space. Jewelery and apparel collections are developed in a minimalistic and simple approach, using high quality materials.


Behind LIA’s collections is the vision of Viorela Lucescu, designer and founder of the brand, who managed to bring life to her pieces by assigning them a unique feature: Liquid. This enables the items to be easily conveyed through various outfits and occasions.

“LIA’s designs celebrate simple, but memorable moments in a woman’s daily life.”

Viorela identified all circumstances for wearing her collection emerged from the modern woman universe, covering an entire week from Lunch Break, Date, Girls Night Out to a Cozy Sunday. The creative statement encourages reflection and vision.


LIA offers a range of multifunctional items that can adapt to various situations. The products have a minimal design that follows geometric and soft edgy shapes. With clean cuts and a feminine approach, each collection has a different source of inspiration.

Being the first collection developed, “Perspective” is the milestone for LIA’s brand. The name stands for the endless possibilities for wearing a LIA jewelry every day in different occasions.


The name LIA comes from the Greek “Angelia” which means limitless inspiration and is an acronym from Liquid, Inspiration and Authentic. The brand is a statement for confidence, out of the rules and strong personality that manifests through innovative designs, unique cuts and high quality silk and leather materials.

As the future in fashion lies in customization, LIA has a free-spirited approach that aims to bring a personal touch to the outfits, dragging them out from flattening and mass consumption dimension. Inspiring pieces, easy to match and wear on a daily basis are the common denominators of the brand philosophy.